City Treasurer

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Create monthly reports for city council and the citizens explaining Taxpayer Money Investments.
  • Develop Investment Strategies to keep taxpayer dollars safe, making sure there is enough money to pay the bills like police and fire and to earn interest on available funds.
  • Annually update Hemet's Investment Policy to comply with California law.
  • Manage Hemet relationships with investment advisors, brokers and custodial banks.
Additionally, the City Treasurer will:

  • Protect, preserve and maintain all investments and assets placed in trust with the Treasurer on behalf of the city;
  • Perform to the highest ideals of honor, integrity and objectivity in all public and professional relationships;
  • Function within existing legal guidelines;
  • Seek no personal advantage or gain as a result of the Treasurer position;
  • Perform Treasurer duties to enhance and reflect positively upon the City of Hemet.

  1. City Treasurer

    Physical Address
    445 E Florida Ave
    City Hall
    Hemet, CA 92543

    Phone: (951) 765-2317
    Fax: (951) 765-3785
    Emergency: 911