Business Licenses

What Is a Business License?

A business license is a business tax paid to the city in order to conduct business legally within the city limits. The purpose of the license is to generate revenue for the City of Hemet to provide police and fire protection, fire and crime prevention, and many other community services.

Conducting Business Legally

The issuance of a business license does not entitle the license holder to carry on any business which is otherwise prohibited. It may be necessary for you to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, a Conditional Use Permit, and/or other city, state, or federal approvals before your business may operate.

Who Needs a Business License?

Per the City of Hemet Business License Ordinance Number 1158 Section 18-45, all businesses operating in the City of Hemet are required to have a business license. This includes businesses which operate from a home. A city business license is required in each city where you conduct business and at each location within the city.

Commercial Businesses

Each commercial business located within the City of Hemet must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building and Safety Department.

Home-Based Businesses

Each home-based business located within the City of Hemet must obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the Planning Department.

Business License Ordinance

Click here for the City of Hemet's Business License Ordinance (PDF)

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