Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals are installed by new developments on an as needed basis as determined by a City approved traffic study and/or as part of City capital improvement projects. For more information on traffic signal construction and requirements, please contact the City Engineering Department at (951) 765-2360.

Currently, there are 72 traffic signals within the City. They are maintained by three different agencies. The City owns and maintains over 40 energized traffic signals. CalTrans owns and maintains 24 traffic signals on Florida Avenue (Highway 74) and 4 on San Jacinto Street (Highway 79). Riverside County maintains 7 traffic signals on Esplanade Avenue, Hemet Street, and at Park Avenue and Hewitt Street. Traffic signals are programmed to respond to traffic flows differently depending on their location, and the time of day. During the busiest part of the day, many signals are specifically timed to allow traffic to flow through on main streets to ensure optimal traffic flow. During late night and early morning hours, many signals are transitioned to a detection system where the presence of a vehicle at the intersection will trigger a switch in traffic direction. 

To report a City signal problem call (951) 765-3710.
To report a CalTrans signal problem call (909) 383-4631
To report a Riverside County signal problem cal (951) 955-6894