Collection Details

The City of Hemet contracts with CR&R Inc. for trash, recycling, and green waste services for residences and businesses within the city limits. CR&R provides a very efficient method of trash collection with a state-of-the-art recycling and green waste program. Trash, Recycling and Green Waste are picked up weekly.

Residential Service Guide (PDF)

Multi Family Service Guide (PDF)

Commercial Service Guide (PDF)

Construction and Demolition (PDF)

Bulky Items

Items that cannot fit in your automated containers are considered bulky items. Common bulky items include: washers, dryers, couches, mattresses, chairs, desks, automobile tires and tables.

Each residential customer is entitled to two (2) bulky item pick-ups free of charge per calendar year. Service will include a combination of loose large items not to exceed the equivalent of three (3) cubic yards OR two (2) individual large items such as a TV, couch or water heater. (There will be a fee for items that require Freon removal.)

Automobile tires will be limited to four (4) tires per collection request.

Additional bulky item pick-ups may be arranged for a nominal charge.

If you are a new resident you may contact CR&R to collect all of your paper, cardboard and packing material, at no additional charge.

To make arrangements for a bulky item pick-up, please contact CR&R at (800) 755-8112 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Join us for our next Community Clean-Up! Click here for more details.

Collection Day Reminders

CR&R recommends you remember the following on collection day:

  • Containers must be placed side-by-side approximately 1 foot apart and at least 3 feet from any obstruction, i.e., a fire hydrant or trees.
  • Containers should be placed at the curbside no later than 6:00 am on collection day.
  • Containers should be placed with the handles and wheels facing away from the street.
  • Containers should be removed from the curbside within 12 hours after service.
  • CR&R is requesting that each resident continue separating their recyclable materials. Please keep each item in their appropriate container. 
    • The black container or black container with black lid is for regular refuse.
    • The grey container or black container with blue lid is for recyclables.
    • If you have a green container or black container with a green lid, it is for green/yard waste.
  • Items not in containers will not be collected.
  • Only containers provided will be picked up.
  • Trash, recycling and green waste are picked up weekly.

Container Sizes

  • 65-gallon automated container: 41.75 inches high by 24.25 inches wide by 31.75 inches deep
  • 95-gallon automated container: 43.25 inches high by 29.75 inches wide by 35.25 inches deep
  • Three yard temporary bins for cleanup projects, 500 pound limit: 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet 9 inches long.

Special Collections

Larger waste collection containers, from 10 to 40 yards, are available for cleanup projects and other disposal needs.

Holiday Schedule

CR&R observes New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If the holiday falls during the week, collection for the remainder of the week is one day behind. For example, if the Fourth of July is on a Monday and your normal collection day is Thursday, your collection day will be Friday.